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Join Our Team
we have two immediate openings
Really Good Chef/Cook
$50,000 salary - plus bonus

Professional Waiter
$40,000 - $60,000 

5 day work week
every Sunday & Monday Off
Health Insurance  
vacation pay 
quarterly bonus
the highest wages in the area


restaurant stars of the future

we teach people the restaurant business from the ground up

and give them a real career, and we don't charge a penny for it,

in fact we will pay you a great wage while you are learning.

stair step training

you will start at the beginning and learn our system

you will move up at a speed that meets your level of effort, talent and skill


we believe there are two types of people

people who like sitting at a desk working on a computer 

and people who love action and making cool things with their hands

we are looking for the ones who love to make cool things with their hands.

more than just a job

working at Martini's is an investment in your future. 

you will learn valuable life skills that will serve you well. 


our product is hospitality

service is bringing someone a beer, hospitality is about making people feel special. 
at most restaurants hospitality is just a word, at Martini's Grille

Hospitality is our way of life!

we believe better people build better restaurants

We are looking for great people who love great food, great drinks, and great service. 

We start everyday with the goal to improve our food, drinks, cleanliness, bottom line,

and most importantly, the customer experience - by 1% every day   

it starts with an audition

You come in on a busy shift (usually Friday or Saturday) bus tables, wash dishes, run food, and interact with customers and team members. The Audition is a detail test where you get to show us that you can hustle and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty. 

The audition is a great opportunity for both of us to see each other in action. 

If you like us, and we like you, we move forward.



we are looking for "full time" people with high standards. 

If you are sick of working with people who just don't care

if you are looking for a culture of excellence

If you want to work with focused professionals in a competitive, Fast paced,

challenging environment -

if you are looking for an opportunity to earn great money and grow as a professional

Martini's  Grille may be the place for you

please fill out the simple application below


send your resume and cover letter to 

Job Application

Thank You!

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