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SuperBowl Sunday

Football Package
Feeds 6-8 people $149

Baker's Dozen Chicken Lips
Siam Street Ribs
Italian Meatballs
Soft Pretzel and Cheese Fondue
Spinach and Three Cheese Dip   served with Tortilla Chips

Reserve Yours Today!  Limited Quantities Available!  

Reserve Now and Set Up Your Pickup Time

Also Available:

Lip Package - 10 lips, mac and cheese, dim sum green beans  $45 feeds four

Chicken Lips - four $14 / thirteen $36

Mac and Cheese - small $6 / medium $12 / large $20
Dim Sum Green Beans- small $6 / medium $12 / large $20

Soft Pretzel and Cheese Fondue  $13

Siam Street Ribs - dozen $30

Don't Forget Your TOGO Martinis! 

Each Bottle Contains Three 4.5 oz Martinis!

Martini's Four Pack  $69

Each bottle contains three 4.5 oz martinis

Lemon Drop

Pineapple Express

Honeymoon in Vegas

Blueberry Martini


Martini's Whiskey Pack  $69

Each bottle contains three 4.5 oz cocktails

Iowa Old Fashioned

Knob Sour

Honey Lavender Sidecar

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